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Flipped Classroom Infographic

Want to flip your classroom? Here is some advice from first-time flippers to seasoned flippers.
From Audrey McGoldrick's blog post on the Flipped Classroom:
  • The idea of “flipped” vs. “shifted” learning - I don’t want to get into semantics but I feel the word “shifted” describes what happens in my classroom much better than “flipped”.
  • There are three critical “mismatches” in teacher centered (or “one size fits all”) classrooms:
    1. Lesson Time ≠ Comprehension Time. Just because students are in class for the same amount of time does not mean they have learned the same amount.
    2. Students are alone when they need help the most. See Dr. Ramsey Musallam’s explanation of cognitive load and individual learning spaces vs. community learning spaces.
    3. What happens when there is only one “dispenser” of knowledge in the classroom?
  • When used correctly, technology can help us alleviate those mismatches.
  • Notice the sizes of the teacher and student images in the beginning compared to the end. What does that tell you about how learning should be?

Great Quotes on the Flipped Classroom
  • __Brian Bennett__ - The Flipped Classroom is a mindset, not a method.
  • Aaron Sams - There is no such thing as THE flipped classroom.
  • __Ramsey Musallam__ - “There is no pedagogy, technology or technique that is a silver bullet or the independent variable for good teaching. . . No technology can make the honor of being a teacher an easier thing. Techniques, pedagogies, etc. can make what we do more efficient, but only if we first, through hours and hours of sweat, empathy and failure, work towards a system that transcends technology.”
  • __Brett Clarke__ - “Flipping the classroom is not the answer to solving all of the flaws in our education system. However, neither is doing nothing and continuing on like nothing is wrong.”
  • Aaron and Brian - “Ultimately, flipped learning is not about flipping the 'when and where' instruction is delivered; it's about flipping the attention away from the teacher and toward the learner.”
  • __Paul Andersen__ - “The teacher is the most important part of a functioning classroom . . . Just because you create videos doesn’t mean you are teaching them . . . ‘teacher’ implies learning and if you are not getting learning you’re not a teacher, you’re simply at ‘talker’.”

Source: Dan Spencer, Education Technology Consultant, Jackson MI County SD

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