You will create a flipped lesson pertaining to you grade/topic/content. Choose any lesson you feel most knowledgeable about. Remember: The flipped classroom model is different for anyone and many factors influence this - remember to make use of technology wisely. Do not completely replace the learning experience with technology, use it to enhance it.

After you have chosen your topic, list two essential questions for the lesson you want to develop or modify for the flipped classroom.

The Lesson Plan
Gain Attention, Describe the Goal and Recall Prior Knowledge
Find an experiential engagement activity to start your lesson. Keep in mind of the first 3 events of Gagne's instructional strategies and explain in your lesson how you will touch upon these in your experiential engagement activity (activating strategy). Below are some sources:
Experiential Activities

Present the Material, Provide Guidance for Learning, Practice and Feedback
Use the resources gathered in this wiki to do the following:
Present the material/Provide Guidance for Learning - locate digital media content for students to watch at home

Practice - this is the homework piece of the flipped model, but it can look very different from your typical homework assignment! How are you going to know if they watched the video?

Feedback - Here is where you start your class the next day. Discuss the content with the class in a variety of ways...

Here are some other resources:
Reflection (Blogging)

Assess and Enhance
How do you assess if your learners developed new habits of thinking and/or doing? Listed below are ideas to assess your students' learning of the material:
  • write a report
  • do a photo essay
  • compile a scrapbook
  • build a model
  • put on a live demonstration
  • do a statistical chart
  • keep a journal
  • record interviews
  • design a mural
  • develop a simulation
  • set up an experiment
  • do a mind-map
  • engage in a debate
  • produce a videotape
  • develop a musical
  • choreograph a dance
  • create a rap or song
  • one of your own design
(Source: Jackie Gerstein Ed.D User Generated Education website)

When finished, upload your lesson on this wiki to share with the group.

Here is another GREAT resource on how to effectively plan a flipped classroom lesson.